A warm, welcoming, kid-centered environment to learn music!
— Jonathan F
We love this music studio. Maya adores Colleen and she looks forward to her lesson every week!! You will receive the best training in the Cincinnati area! We consider ourselves lucky!
— Jinny M.
From the moment we called to get information about lessons we were greeted with a friendly and helpful staff. They reponded quickly and were extremely courteous. My daughter’s teacher was knowledgeable and patient. My daughter was so nervous about making mistakes but he put her at ease from the beginning. I would highly recommend anyone looking for lessons to check out Cincinnat School of Music!
— Susan S.
I absolutely love everyone at CSM! The teachers have helped me to grow as a singer and helped me develop more confidence. The environment is warm and supportive. My mom and I love seeing Allie’s smiling face when we walk through the doors.
— Vanessa L.
Both of my daughters ages 11 and 8 take lessons (voice and piano) at Cincinnati School of Music. We are so pleased with the quality of instruction, flexible scheduling, and warm friendly staff. Jordan (piano) is an excellent instructor. She is amazingly talented, extremely patient with the children, and very positive. Colleen (voice) is fun, hip, and upbeat. She has strong technical skills and works with my daughter to improve these but does so in a fun, light, relevant manner. Anna and Joe Backer (the owners/directors) have been so great to work with. They have been extremely flexible with our ever changing schedules. They have created a positive, professional, music school for people of all ages and all ability levels. I highly recommend the Cincinnati School of Music.
— Kami H.
My daughter started voiced lessons a few months ago. However, this has been more than just learning about music and the beautiful instrument of her voice. While that has been an amazing journey of growth and knowledge, another wonderful thing is happening. She started as a normal, sometimes awkward 14 year old girl who hid the fact that she could sing from her peers. Now, we can’t get her to stop singing! Her confidence has increased and she is proud of the gift that she has. I can not say enough about this school and Autumn, her voice coach. It is a great environment and not only do they teach the children how to sing or play an instrument, they teach them how to be proud and confident in their abilities. I highly recomend Cincinnati School of Music!
— Melissa M.
I’ve been so impressed with my children’s progress on piano and with voice over the years they have been taking lessons. Jordan is a great piano teacher who can keep my son focused and learning and my daughter appropriately challenged. She is very willing to let them experiment musically as well and learn fun things like the theme songs for their favorite video games. Colleen has tapped my daughter’s vocal talent and really stretched her abilities- it has also helped her be a more poised and confident performer. The staff is so nurturing and friendly- they make it so easy to take lessons!
— Angela M.
Our family was lucky enough to meet Anna and Joe Backer when they first opened Cincinnati School of Music in 2012, and we’ve so enjoyed being a part of the school. They provided an environment where my daughter and I could each take voice lessons with teachers who were great working with both children and adults. My daughter loves Autumn! The office staff is friendly and welcoming when students arrive and are always available to answer any questions that may arise. Thanks to everyone at CSM for such a fabulous experience!!
— Stephanie J.
My daughter absolutely loves her piano lessons. Cincinnati School of Music has been a very positive experience for our family. The teachers have focused on my daughters learning style. They also allowed her to pick out several popular pieces to learn which has kept her interest!! She recently just did a singing camp that allowed her to explore her singing talent and make new friends.
— Andy P.
Everyone at the Cincinnati School of Music is wonderful. I take drum lessons with Matt (the greatest, most patient drum teacher alive) and have learned so much! The staff is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable and they all seem to really love what they do. If you’re looking to learn music, this is the place to go. If you’re looking to learn drums, Matt’s your guy.
— Natasha N.
Of course the lessons here are professional and wonderful , but I have to say that this place is the whole package! We are always greeted by friendly staff in a clean and inviting lobby. Lucky to have an option like this in the Cincy area!
— sunnyday5962
My daughter takes piano and vocal lessons here. They are wonderful! Great about make ups and fantastic teachers full of support.
— Olivia V.
My daughter has been a student for several months and has made great progress. When looking for a new teacher I was looking for someone who could make learning piano fun. Anna has provided meaningful and engaging lessons that have motivated my daughter to play the piano at home without complaints!! Her instruction is age-appropriate and my daughter loves her lessons. Most important, she is progressing and developing as a pianist.
— Leslie S.
I just moved to Cincinnati and wanted to pick up a hobby. I have recently had an interest in learning to play piano so thought I would give it a shot. CSM has been great; my lessons have been geared towards what type of music I want to learn (Coldplay, Journey, Elton John, etc...), but I am also learning the fundamentals so I can continue to grow as I get more experienced.

I receive a lot of support and guidance from my instructor - my lessons are very helpful and I receive an active lesson plan each week. I highly recommend CSM no matter your age or experience. It is never too late to try.
— Patrick L.
My nine year-old daughter has received instruction from Anna for nearly one year and her progress and interest in Piano has been outstanding. Daily practice on the piano, as advised by Anna, is the only duty that my daughter does without argument.

Cincinnati School of Music has created something special with their new HQ in Montgomery. I cannot recommend their instruction enough and I am glad that they were recommended to me!
— Scott J.
Our son takes guitar lessons from Brian and is having an extremely positive experience. Brian has helped our son to learn to love music by tailoring the lessons so that the practice and the lessons are both interesting and enjoyable. I won’t say I never have to remind our son to practice, but once reminded, he is eager to pick up the guitar and slow to put it down. He looks forward to his lessons each week. He is learning to play the type of music that he likes, which is exactly what we had hoped for! We have found the school to be easy to work with and to have reasonable fees and policies that fit our needs well.
— Kim S.
My husband and children are all taking piano and violin lessons at Cincinnati School of Music. We have all been very happy with the quality of instruction they receive from Anna and Samantha. My children had taken piano and violin prior to coming to CSM. We have noticed a significant difference in their skill levels since attending lessons. Not only do the teachers know themselves how to play the instruments, they understand how to teach them. In our experience, we have found that is not always the case with other teachers. The quality of instruction, the professionalism and the great people are what we love about CSM. This is also why at 49, my husband began piano lessons. Our family would highly recommend them to anyone young or old looking for music lessons.
— Jennifer W.
My daughter plays piano and Joe has done wonders to help her be a better musician! I like that he expects her to be prepared each week which, in turn, makes her want to do a good job. The lessons have been challenging but not overwhelming so its been a great experience. They have music lessons for adults as well and I think that is wonderful. Everyone at CSM is very professional and friendly - from the minute you walk in the door until the next time you come in. I was able to have my younger daughter wait in the waiting room with me during lessons and it was never a problem and there were things to keep her busy. We are only stopping lessons due to moving out of state, otherwise, we would continue on indefinitely.
— Paco D.
We have been with CSM for about 8 months now. It is a great music school for any age. We have had such a great experience, our daughter has learned a lot and enjoys being apart of this school. I would highly recommend it!
— Jessica R.
Music lessons here have been a game changer for our family!! Our children have been taking piano lessons with Miss Hilary and they have absolutely loved it. I can’t say enough good things about this company, the owners, and the staff. The best thing we have seen from their music lessons is the tremendous growth in the confidence of our children. Our son is a typical rowdy boy and Miss Hilary has made his lessons so much fun that he loves to practice. Our daughter is more laid back and she has just as much fun and Miss Hilary is able to motivate her to want to practice. I am so thankful for the amazing staff that is able to adapt to such different personalities and learning styles. My husband and I grew up playing sports, but looking back, we never wish that we would have played on one more sports team. We constantly talk about how much we wish we played an instrument. It is a life long gift to give your children, and this is the best place to take them.
— Abbie R.
I would recommend the Cincinnati School of Music to anyone in the Cincinnati area who is looking for music lessons. Highly qualified staff, great music learning environment and the owners personally strive to make sure that each student has the best lesson experience possible!
— Tim B.